1 in a million survivor

Sam Castro

In April 2020 I will be celebrating 5 years post bone marrow transplant after surviving a rare 1 in a million blood disease - Aplastic Anaemia.

10K for Aplastic Anaemia

Nateshe Auty

Aplastic anaemia is a blood disease which is very close to our hearts and is so rare, no one knows about it!

10K Run for Aplastic Anemia

Karolina Bugajska

My brother and I will be running a 10K to help raise awareness about aplastic anemia and raise funds for new research and support for others!

13.1 & Done: Saz and Kirky’s Half Marathon!

Ciorstan Towers

In May we will be running the Edinburgh Half Marathon for The Aplastic Anaemia Trust!

1378km Challenge

Jack Teichman

To give something to the people who did so much for my family and continue to do so for others in the same position.

3 Peaks for fighting aplastic anaemia

Anoushka George

I am fundraising to raise awareness and help advance research about this rare blood disease that will help save lives and give new beginnings to loved ones.

6 Half Marathons in 6 months. Help us raise money for fighting aplastic anaemia

Thomas Strafford

In 2024 I will be running 6 Half Marathons in 6 months (just over) To help raise money for Aplastic Anaemia Trust that helped my mate who has Aplastic Anaemia

A big hug for people with aplastic anaemia

Ellie Dawes

It is aplastic anaemia awareness day on 4th March and to celebrate, I'm signing up early to get in the sea on 4 December.

A Winter Dip for Louie

Vicky Tassari

We're getting in the cold sea in support of Louie

AAT300 2023 - Italy

Tom Babbington

And we're off again... This time we'll be cycling through Italy, tacking mountains and maybe even some snow.

AATea Party to help children like Isaiah

Grazina Berry

Isaiah was diagnosed with severe aplastic anaemia in February 2018 turning his and his loving family’s life upside down.