We are the only charity in the UK helping people with aplastic anaemia and funding research nationally. However, we are currently only able to help some 60% of patients being diagnosed due to limited resources.

We need your help to reach everyone - join us in helping them survive the disease! For inspiration you can visit our fundraising ideas page, or read about what our fundraising heroes have been up to.

We need your support because:

  • no-one is immune to bone marrow failure – it can strike anyone, at any time, any age, of any gender, ethnicity or walk of life
  • government funding available for research into rare bone marrow failures is extremely limited
  • existing NHS resources are stretched thus focusing on clinical rather than co-ordinated psychosocial, emotional and practical support
  • the understanding of aplastic anaemia and its causes is limited, as is routine genetic testing (restricted to only a few academic centres in the UK). This may lead to incorrect diagnoses and therefore treatment
  • there is no formal and consistent pathway for specialist advice for patients in the UK
  • robust baseline understanding of the prevalence of the disease nor the variety and effectiveness of treatments undertaken nationally is unknown
  • whilst success rates of bone marrow transplantation continue to improve, with 8 in 10 patients surviving, treatment and recovery are long and costly processes, with profound impact on patients and their families.

Aplastic anaemia is a life-threatening disease

Whilst aplastic anaemia is not cancer, its effects on patients and families are equally devastating. The treatment is harrowing and resembles that of cancer patients. Treatment can be lengthy and costly. Because the disease is rare aplastic anaemia sufferers may not receive a high quality co-ordinated treatment or care. It may take a long time to get a diagnosis, all the while the patient is waiting not knowing what is going wrong with their body.

With not a penny coming from government, we rely on donations from people and organisations like you, to fund our vital work. We would not exist without your generosity. Any gift you can give will go towards supporting everyone affected by aplastic anaemia - both adult and child, now and in the future.​

We are small, but we punch above our weight. You can read more about our impact, all made possible thanks to your support here.