We'd like to hear from parents of young children who have had, or who are having, treatment for aplastic anaemia to provide insight for a new project. 

The Aplastic Anaemia Trust have been speaking to a company called Little Journey who are building a new online app to help children prepare for time in hospital receiving treatment for aplastic anaemia. This new content will help children understand what to expect and reduce fear and anxiety around hospital visits. 

Little Journey have asked if they can speak to some parents of children who have been through treatment, to help develop the content.

  • Parents of children who have received treatment for aplastic anaemia when they were aged 3-18 years
  • Young adults (over 18) who received treatment when they were younger than 18 and can remember what it was like

It would be particularly useful to hear from people above with experience of ATG treatment, as this is one of the treatments Little Journey will be creating a resource for. 

What we need from you

  1. Initial meeting
    The Aplastic Anaemia Trust will organise a group meeting (about an hour) at a time convenient to you, where Little Journey will talk everyone through the project, what they are hoping to achieve, and what they'd like to ask you. You can ask any questions you'd like about the project, and hear from other parents in the room too.

  2.  Interview about your experience
    After you've come to this meeting and met their team, you can decide if you're happy with arranging a one-to-one interview with Little Journey, where they will ask you about your child's time in hospital, what your experience was like, and what might have made things easier. This interview will take 45 minutes - an hour and could be online or in person, whatever works better for you.

  3. Providing feedback on the design
    Once they start working on the designs for the app, Little Journey will share these with you so you can provide feedbac, if you would like to.

    The Aplastic Anaemia Trust will be here to support you with taking part if you need us, and you can change your mind about taking part at any time during the project. 

This Little Journey Project is paid for directly by Pfizer who have commissioned Little Journey to create this new resource for families. The Aplastic Anaemia Trust are involved only in an advisory capacity. We're interested in helping make the app as useful as possible for children with aplastic anaemia.

This is a nice opportunity to help make that happen, connect with other families, and improve the treatment experience for other children.

If you're interested in taking part, please fill in this form and let us know a little about you, and when you would be available for an initial meeting:

Fill in this form if you'd like to volunteer