Why you should join the Aplastic Anaemia Trust’s team:

  • We’re an ambitious and growing organisation – this is your opportunity to share with us your expertise and help us shape and develop our charity. Together we can make a lasting positive difference to the lives of everyone affected by aplastic anaemia (AA).
  • We’re passionate about our important cause – we are here for everyone affected by aplastic anaemia, a rare and life-threatening illness, by providing them with up-to-date information and support, and finding answers through research. We’re the only charity in the UK doing this at a national scale.
  • We’re a small charity that punches above its weight – thanks in large part to our work, guidelines for patient care have improved throughout the UK and AA and associated diseases are now well recognised by the haematology community. Additionally, the prognoses of those patients with the disease are no longer so bleak: 25 years ago, no more than 3 in 10 AA patients survived for a year, but today, as many as 80% will be able to enjoy a good quality of life. Our ambition is to ensure that 10 out of 10 patients survive and go on to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. Help us realise our ambition!
  • We respect your work-life balance – we encourage a healthy work-life balance, for example through home-based working and support flexible working options to help with family life or study.
  • We’re small and nimble– we don’t have huge hierarchies - you’ll be able to see the difference YOU are making really quickly.

Current opportunities 

We are currently hiring a part-time Online Support Manager!

You can read about this role and why we're creating it to support patients here, and apply here