We are proud of our achievements

In 1980 only 3 in 10 patients survived aplastic anaemia. Thanks in large part to the Aplastic Anaemia Trust, our generous supporters and collaboration with researchers, 8 in 10 patients will survive the devastating effects of aplastic anaemia today.

To date, we have raised and invested over £3m in transformative research and excellent emotional and clinical support for patients and their loved ones.

Our results in 2017/18 include

  • nurturing a closed 1,200 member-strong, peer to peer Facebook support network - a lifeline for everyone affected by aplastic anaemia
  • 60 information packs issued to new patients 
  • we welcomed 50 new members to our Patient Support Group community, growing it to 800 
  • we responded to over 600 patient and family queries via our helpline
  • we funded a clinical nurse specialist at King's College Hospital to provide day-to-day holistic care to patients going through treatment and leveraged funding from the NHS to support this vital role in 2018/19

Read more about our achievements here.

There is so much more to be done to get us closer to a cure for aplastic anaemia. We need you to keep supporting us with enthusiasm and generosity, so that everyone affected by a rare bone marrow failure can get the best help and support there is.