Androgens for the treatment of aplastic anaemia

A concise leaflet explaining the use of androgens in the treatment of relapsed or refractory aplastic anaemiaRead more

Eltrombopag for the treatment of aplastic anaemia

Eltrombopag is one of the newer treatments for aplastic anaemiaRead more

Professor Peter Hillmen joins the AAT's Board of Trustees

Peter helps expand our thematic and geographic focusRead more

The AAT Xmas shopping experience with the Body Shop

Why not shop from the comfort of your living room, hosted by Ishbel, in preparation for the festive season?Read more

The AAT Xmas bake

Why not bake something delicious this Xmas and spread the joy by organising an AAT Xmas bake sale?!Read more

The AAT Xmas Quiz

Holding your very own AAT Xmas quiz is a great way to get into the Christmas spirit, spread awareness of aplastic anaemia in your local community and raise money for our causeRead more

Supportive therapy

Blood transfusions are commonly used to treat the symptoms of aplastic anaemiaRead more

Lindsey shaves her head in support of her friend

What friends wouldn't do for each other?! Lindsey shaves her head to show support to Laura, her dear friend, spread the word about aplastic anaemia and raises well over £1,000 for our charity. Lindsey, you're our hero!Read more

Cold season advice

Information for individuals with aplastic anaemia and their families to help prepare for the cold seasonRead more

The AAT announce a collaborative partnership with St James Hospital in Leeds

The collaboration will benefit patients diagnosed with aplastic anaemia and allied rare bone marrow failuresRead more

The AAT Peak District Walk 2018 - a roaring success

A crowd of AAT supporters descended upon the famous Yorkshire Bridge Inn on a quiet Sunday morning in September to walk around the stunning Ladybower Reservoir in aid of our charity, spreading awareness of aplastic anaemia and helping raise much needed fundsRead more

Rounders with Accenture in Hyde Park

Thank you to our energetic supporters at Accenture who organised a set of rounders in Hyde Park - scaring local squirrels and making a little bit of noise in the process! All to raise awareness of aplastic anaemia and much needed funds for our charity.Read more

Book your own place and run for us!

Browse this list of organised running events and follow the links to book your placeRead more

Tracey, Ian, Ray & Samantha smash the Markeaton Park Fun Run!

When a friend's son was diagnosed with aplastic anaemia, Tracey, Ian. Ray and Samantha put on their running shoes!Read more


A useful guide to the benefits that may be available to aplastic anaemia patients and their families/carersRead more

Clean Diet

How to avoid getting infections from food when you are neutropenicRead more

Holidays and Travel

How to plan a holiday when diagnosed with aplastic anaemiaRead more

Armstrong Richardson are our hero corporate supporters

Armstrong Richardson group, a Stokesley-based company raise a staggering £20,000 in aid of the AATRead more

Information on steroids used as part of ATG treatment

Please read our updated fact sheet on the use of steroids as part of anti-thymocyte (ATG) treatmentRead more

Trucking for Dad 2018 - the largest truck extravaganza in Northern Ireland yet!

See what our Northern Irish supporters have been up to during the annual truck-extravaganza in Antrim in loving memory of Ossie Cambell.Read more

Treatment with ciclosporin

Our freshly updated fact sheet on Ciclosporin used as part of Anti-Thymocyte Globulin (ATG) treatmentRead more