The following information is a guide to the benefits that may be available to patients with aplastic anaemia and their families/carers. In addition to those listed, there are other means-tested or income-related  benefits that may apply in certain circumstances. They include Income SupportHousing BenefitUniversal Credit, and Council Tax Reduction. 

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Types of benefit

Entitlement to benefits depends on your circumstances and may be affected by your income, savings and national insurance (NI) contribution record.  

Means-tested benefits

Means-tested or income-related benefits are affected by most other types of income and the amount of savings you have. Your NI contribution record does not matter. 

Non means-tested benefits

Non-means-tested benefits are not usually affected by other money you have, although some are dependent on you earning a certain amount, whereas others can be reduced if you have earnings or an occupational or private pension. There are two types of non-means-tested benefits: non-contributory and contributory. For non-contributory benefits your NI record does not matter. For contributory benefits, you (or in some cases your partner) must have made sufficient NI contributions.

Contributory benefits are also known as 'new style' benefits.

Hospital travel fares

Claimants claiming Employment and Support Allowance (Income-related), Income Support, Jobseeker’s Allowance (Income-based), Pension Credit (Guarantee Credit) or named on or entitled to, an NHS Tax Credit Exemption Certificate can reclaim travel costs for journeys to and from hospital for NHS treatment. They can also do so, if on Universal Credit, if their earnings during their last complete assessment period were £435 or less, or £935 or less if they had a child element or had limited capability for work. 

Patients living in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland who have to travel over 30 miles (or five miles by water) for treatment are also eligible to reclaim their travel costs as are patients who live on the Isles of Scilly who need to travel to a mainland hospital. Claimants not receiving any of these benefits may try to claim on the grounds of low income by completing form HC1. 

Possible welfare benefits available for aplastic anaemia patients or carers

Benefits which do not depend on income or savings

Personal Independence Payment (PIP) Claim Line: 0800 917 2222
This is the new name of working-age Disability Living Allowance. This is a benefit for disabled adults (aged 16 to below state pension age). It takes into account how illness is affecting working age people in their day-to-day activities of daily living and mobility. PIP does not take into account income/savings and can be claimed whether one is in or out of work.

Blue Badge Available through Local Authority
This applies if someone finds it difficult to get around and would like to park their car at a disabled parking space close to where they need to be. If someone is on PIP mobility component and score 8 points or more for moving around activity they will automatically qualify for Blue Badge.

Attendance Allowance (AA) Claim Line: 0800 731 0122
This benefit for people of state pension age takes into account how illness is affecting them in their day-to-day activities. AA does not take into account income/savings.

Disability Living Allowance (DLA) Claim Line: 0800 121 4600
This is a benefit for children who are below 16 years of age. It takes into account how illness is affecting them in their day-to-day activities. DLA has a care and a mobility component. A child may qualify for either or both of them.

Carer’s Allowance Online at or by phone: 0800 731 0297
This applies if one is looking after someone who gets PIP Daily Living Component or DLA Middle or Higher Rate Care Component or AA. This is a taxable benefit.

New Style Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) Claim Line: 0800 328 5644 (option 3 then option 2) or claim online at
This is a sickness related benefit for working age people which starts after the 28 weeks of Statutory Sick Pay (SSP). New Style ESA can be claimed in advance or backdated up to three months from SSP ending. The benefit is based on national insurance contributions. This is a taxable benefit.

Benefits which depend on income and/or savings

Universal Credit (UC) Online:
This is a new benefit for working age people on low income/savings. UC replaces six current benefits: Income Support (IS)*, Income Related Employment and Support Allowance (IR ESA), Income Based Jobseeker’s Allowance (IB JSA), Housing Benefit (HB), Child & Working Tax Credits.

*IS may apply if someone claims CA

Discretionary Housing Payments (DHP) Through Local Council
If full help with rent is not covered through UC/HB then DHP may help cover the remainder of the rent.

Council Tax Reduction/Support (CTR/CTS) Through Local Council
This helps in reducing council tax. It takes into account income/savings.

Pension Credit (PC) Claim Line: 0800 991 234
This is for pension age people on a low income. It takes into account your income and your savings as well.

Housing Benefit (HB) for over pension age Through Local Council
This is claimed for help with the rent by pension age people. HB takes into account income/savings.

NHS Help with Health Costs: Online at
This help includes help towards NHS prescriptions, NHS dental charges, NHS wigs and fabric supports, eye test, contact lenses or glasses and travel to receive NHS treatment. This can be claimed on low income grounds by completing HC1 form or for a refund HC5 form (ordered online) or one may qualify automatically if on particular means tested benefits like UC, PC (Guarantee Credit), IS, IR ESA, IB JSA or Tax Credits.

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Last Updated: 19 December 2023