Super Rare: That magic moment when you meet someone else with AA

There's nothing like speaking to someone with that shared experience who understands. Read more

Super Rare: Being your own expert

When I was diagnosed, I was in denial and wouldn’t even tell people the name of my condition. But when you have AA you often have to take the lead in your own care. I've learned that AA and the ability to handle what it threw at me was in fact, not a weakness, but a strength. Read more

Ask Daniel: video series

Daniel had aplastic anaemia 11 years ago. After two courses of ATG and a bone marrow transplant, he is now doing well, and would love to support other patients by sharing his experiences with you. Ask him a question! Read more

How I looked after my mental health when I was in hospital

Staying positive while I was in hospital receiving ATG treatment. Read more

Let's talk mental health, dads.

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