Fighting aplastic anaemia in memory of Sean Wright by completing the 106km action challenge

Matthew Sadler

I'm raising funds for the Aplastic Anaemia Trust in the hope that with further research aplastic anaemia can be beaten for good and bone marrow can be repaired without resorting to transplants


Philip Bowman

The AAT community supported my family and I through my SAA & BMT. I would like to help the charity with fundraising and raising awareness.

Ros' Fitness for Aplastic Anaemia

Rosalind Conway

I am fundraising because I was diagnosed in 2018 and think the support from the AA Trust and FB page is excellent. Not many people know about AA and I have received information and support which I would not have been able to get from anywhere else.

Help us raise money for fighting aplastic anaemia

Tom Manley

My Dad passed away last year due to Aplastic Anaemia related sepsis.

Raising money in memory of my father in law Peter Manley

Nicola Manley

I am raising money in memory of father in law who passed away 6 months ago from this terrible illness

Help us raise money for fighting aplastic anaemia (rare bone marrow disease)

Erica Parker

A friend of mine is currently dealing with aplastic anemia. She is waiting on a bone marrow transplant.

Ninja Nomads - taking on Total Warrior to help fight aplastic anaemia

Ninja Nomads

This team of school friends, football squad mates and rugby squad mates are pulling together to raise money for a cause close to their hearts. Having lost a friend much too young to this disease they are keen to raise as much as possible for this great cause.

Ramble for Rachael

Ruth Lindsay

I would like to raise awareness of the disease and raise some money for research to help save lives of others fighting

Daniel's headshave for aplastic anaemia

Daniel Johnson

I would like to raise awareness of aplastic anaemia and help fund research towards a cure.


Chantal Ormerod

We are a team of Emergency Nurses who are raising money for the AAT. As a team member, my son was diagnosed and treated for Severe Aplastic Anaemia resulting in a bone marrow transplant. He has now made a good recovery after intense and lengthy treatment. We all therefore want to raise money to fund ongoing research to go into future treatments and care of patients with Aplastic Anaemia.

Raise money for The Aplastic Anaemia Trust to help find a cure

Amie Walker

I am raising money for the Aplastic Anaemia trust in Loving Memory of Malcolm John Cowan who sadly passed away on the 3rd June 2019 due to ecoli sepsis and multiple organ failure. Malc played a great part in my life and was like a father figure to me. He will be greatly missed by myself, Mum, all of our family and Malc’s friends. He always supported my running and I am going to be running the Great West Run on the 13th October in Exeter to raise money to help fight this terrible illness,