A very close friend, I class as family, Julia, has lived with a very rare and life-threatening blood disorder called aplastic anaemia since the age of 12.

In people with aplastic anaemia, the bone marrow fails to produce enough of all three types of blood cell - red, white and platelets.

Around 2 people per every 1,000,000 are diagnosed every year.  

The reason why I’m doing the Great North Run is to support my friend, Danny, (Julia’s husband) who is also participating. If it wasn’t for charities like The Aplastic Anaemia Trust there wouldn’t be sufficient funding for research or patient support and if the money raised can help just a handful of patients, then it will be worth it.

With not a penny coming from government, they rely on donations from people and organisations like you, to fund their vital work. They would not exist without your generosity. 

Thank you for taking the time to read and any gift you can give will go towards supporting everyone affected by aplastic anaemia - both adult and child, now and in the future.

£5 Puts expert information about aplastic anaemia in the hands of those who matter

£15 Pays for 1 hour of timely emotional support on their helpline

£25 Connects people in support groups who understand what theyre going through

£50 Helps fund research that will improve treatment options

Christopher Jackson