I'm fund raising for the Aplastic Anaemia Trust in short because I'm lucky to be alive!

I was diagnosed when I was eight and spent months in hospital, including over Christmas, where I underwent various operations and treatment plans. I was given amazing care by an incredible team of healthcare professionals, all of whom were learning more about the disease themselves. It is incredibly rare and it was very touch and go whether I would pull through.

Fast forward to now and I'm a fit, healthy, mum of two; not something that I take for granted! I love to live life wholeheartedly and stay as active as I can. I'm not naturally sporty but I enjoy the personal challenge to push myself to try and achieve new ambitions.

Cue me running the London Marathon in April 2023 (eeeeek!) and if that goes well another challenge to follow shortly afterwards on the bike in May! 

What your money will help do;
Fund Research
This year The AAT will be investigating new treatment options, that could offer hope to more people, and improve quality of life for patients and their families. 

Provide support
-Provide a young child with a story book that explains what aplastic anaemia is and what they can expect from a long stay in hospital - making the long and difficult treatment less frightening.
-Make sure there is always some one on the end of the phone. Having someone to talk to who understands, who you don't have to explain your condition to again and again. The AAT hotline ensures no one is alone.

Thanks for reading and thanks also for any donations you make, it's going to make a real difference to this small, but mighty charity!

Follow my Journey; 


I've been training through the rain, wind (so much wind!) and icy conditions of the winter to give this my best go! Those long, long, training runs have been super tough going but my motivation to try my best and goal of raising money for AAT is strong and has kept me going!

London Marathon 23rd April 2023 

John O'Groats to Lands End - May

Emma Wood