Join our incredible, hard-working and energetic bunch of volunteers – Laura, Rosemary, Phil, Lesley, Daisy, Lyn, Sean, Paul, Pam and others, in our quest to do a great deal of good for a great cause!

I feel passionately about my role as a volunteer - we are a small bunch of people who can make a huge difference!

The benefits of volunteering are numerous:

  • it will give you a huge sense of satisfaction to be giving something back
  • this is your chance to make an impact in a small charity fighting a big fight
  • it's an opportunity to gain additional experience - this will look fantastic on your CV!
  • it's a chance to meet people who are living with aplastic anaemia or allied bone marrow failure

How YOU can help

Being a small charity, we need every bit of help and every bit of your time you can spare - whether it's from one of our Patient Support Group members or a member of staff in a company that would like to support our cause:

  • help us keep our information offer up-to-date on our website - especially if you have a passion for digital!
  • if you're a social media pro - please help us set Twitter alight and raise awareness of aplastic anaemia
  • be a part of an event organising team if your passion is for fundraising and spreading the word about the rare disease we fight
  • if you're an excellent writer - help us write outstanding bids for funding

As a family orientated person, I am husband to Lyn and father to Millie, 4, and Harris, 2. Professionally I work within the automotive industry where I manage a team of skilled Supplier Development engineers ensuring component suppliers to Jaguar Land Rover can meet quality and volume requirements and ensure smooth production through our plants. I have a strong foundation in problem solving and statistical analysis. In July 2017 I was diagnosed with Aplastic Anaemia after a short but quickly developing illness that left me dependant on weekly blood transfusions. I underwent a bone marrow transplant in March 2018 and I continue my road to recovery. My passion for problem solving drives me to understand what has caused my condition and look for ways that this can be more easily understood and perhaps prevented in future generations.

Why Laura is helping us with MarrowKidz

I am willing to volunteer for the AAT because, having been diagnosed with AA myself, I feel I can use my experience to help others affected by the disease. Because AA is a rare condition, it means our charity is small and has limited money and resources to support patients and fund research. However because AA is so serious, I feel it’s extra important that we come together as a patient group to do what we can to raise awareness and funds as we have big ambitions for the future! 

​Sean helped us with the new website

I was diagnosed in 2015 with VSAA hypoplastic AA/MDS. I’d never heard of it, nor had my family or friends and nor did I look that unwell but my life had changed. Still now, I often find myself having to explain the illness. In the intervening period, I have undergone spells of watch and wait, ATG & ciclosporine and two, yes TWO transplants! 
The AAT and it’s community of members have and continue to be a genuine source of strength and hope, very quickly becoming like family. It is for this reason,I felt I must volunteer to give something back and hopefully provide hope to others who were like me in the early days.

If you think you are our next fantastic volunteer, please get in touch.