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The extra costs an aplastic anaemia diagnosis brings can be overwhelming for some. The welfare benefits system is designed to meet the needs of patients in these difficult times. Not all benefits are income related; some depend on national insurance contributions and some on how the illness is affecting someone in their day-to-day activities.

Whether you have no idea what benefits you might be entitled to, you’d like support with filling in a specific application form or have a knotty question - we are here to help!

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We work directly with Maggie’s to refer you to their expert advisors around the country.

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Our Patient Support team work directly with Maggie’s benefits advisors to refer you to the right person. We are very grateful to Maggie’s for their support to people affected by aplastic anaemia and ongoing expertise.

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As a small charity, we can only offer support with benefits advice to people with aplastic anaemia. Unfortunately, we cannot offer benefits advice to people with other conditions.

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