The Aplastic Anaemia Trust have made some changes to the way our charity governance structure is organised. We wanted to share these changes with you, and explain how they'll help us to work more effectively and bring in even more expertise about aplastic anaemia and related bone marrow conditions. 

The Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees continue to lead the charity and have ultimate responsibility for how our organisation is run. They approve our policies and annual budgets and hold our CEO, Stevie Tyler accountable for delivering our strategy to improve the lives of people affected by aplastic anaemia through research, advocacy, and support.

Our Board will always include people with personal experience of aplastic anaemia, and trustees also bring expertise in finance, charity governance. You can see a list of our trustees here.

The Research and Clinical Advisory Panel

Our new Research and Clinical Advisory Panel is a separate body made up of clinicians and researchers with special expertise in aplastic anaemia. We are exceptionally proud to have some of the leading experts in the country support us. By creating this new panel as a separate meeting to our trustee meeting, we have been able to welcome more clinical experts onto this group, providing us with an unprecedented range of expertise advising The AAT at the highest level. 

The role of the RCAP is to:

  • Advise The AAT on the special needs of research and allied projects and of big changes in treatment, drugs or patient outcomes
  • Receive and consider requests for research support and related facilities  
  • Make recommendations regarding expenditure for research purposes
  • Provide advice and support on the reporting and dissemination of research results
  • Identify and recommend relevant publications for research involving The AAT, to raise awareness of our role in developing an understand of, and treatments for aplastic anaemia

Meet our RCAP members here

The AAT Youth Board

The Youth Board is a panel of young people affected by aplastic anaemia who meet regularly with the AAT to provide their insight and perspective. The Youth Board provides an influential voice in our organisation to drive our work. You can read updates from recent Youth Board meetings here.

Get involved

Our Chair of Trustees, Amanda Conquy, has run a skills audit of our Board of Trustees to identify where we might strengthen our organisation further by improving the diversity and range of expertise on the Board. We are looking for up to five people to join our Board, and applications are open until 6th May. 

As a Board, we know we need to become more diverse to better reflect the community we serve, so we have increased our emphasis on recruiting young trustees and would particularly welcome applications from people from black and ethnic minority communities.

Read more about applying to join our Board of Trustees

Applications are also now open for people aged 16-26 to join our Youth Board. This is a fantastic opportunity for young people to develop their knowledge of charity governance, to network with other people affected by aplastic anaemia, and to have real influence on our organisation. 

Read more about applying to join our Youth Board

If you have any questions or comments about how The Aplastic Anaemia Trust is run as an organisation, you can email Stevie on [email protected]