My experience of being part of The AAT Youth Board

I've decided to record a video to tell you all about my time on The AAT Youth Board, and why you should join! Read more

Vicente's Camino in Memory of his wife Libby

Vicente is fundraising in memory of his wife Libby. Follow his 750km journey here. Read more

1,368 days since my Aplastic Anaemia journey started

For those at the treatment stage; be patient, draw strength from within and those around you. Remember all times come to pass and never to stay. For those post treatment, be bold and do not be held captive by fear. I genuinely feel lucky to have experienced what I have. For you can never appreciate life until you have nearly lost it. Read more

My long journey with aplastic anaemia

Joanne talks about the difficult times she's been through as she's tried a long list of different treatment options for her severe aplastic anaemia. Read more