I was diagnosed when I was eight and spent months in hospital, including over Christmas, where I underwent various operations and treatment plans. I was given amazing care by an incredible team of healthcare professionals, all of whom were learning more about the disease themselves. It is incredibly rare and it was very touch and go whether I would pull through.

I'm fundraising for the Aplastic Anaemia Trust in short because I'm lucky to be alive.

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John O'Groats to Lands End

For the past five or so years I’ve thought how amazing it would be to cycle the length of the UK. I’ve started planning and then put it to one side for one reason or another but then this year things started to slot into place, I was training for a marathon already so surely my fitness would be strong and I was regularly cycling anyway so decided to give it a whirl! Most people cycle the other way but I’ve started in Scotland and am heading south one peddle push at a time.  Three weeks to the day after the marathon I found myself standing at the iconic sign at John o Groats in the pouring rain and wondering what I’m earth am I doing?! I’m not sure how the journey will go but I'm embracing it all one day at a time.

Day 1

John O'Groats to Thurso

It didn’t stop raining! But I was smiling the whole 20 miles. I gave myself a little start to take the pressure off starting and ease into it. I couldn’t see much of the scenery for the rain lashing down! I headed inland through farmland and then back to the north coast.

Day 2

Thurso to The Crask Inn

Today was a longer 67 ish mile ride along northern coast before starting to turn and head south! The views were breathtaking, so open and exposed to all the wind and rain but the scenery made up for it!


Day 3

The Crask Inn to Inverness 

The hills, the lochs, the closed roads, tricky terrains and getting poo’d on by seagulls (must be good luck!)


Day 4

Inverness to Kingussie 

Hills glorious hills! The quads are on fire! I keep telling myself that cuckoos are actually saying “keep going, keep going” when they call, must get some more rest soon! 


Day 5

Kingussie to Ballinluig

The morning climbing through the highest point on the route alongside the Grampian mountains and then appreciating some much needed downhills in the afternoon.

 Day 6

A slow start in the morning with punctures but I pushed on! I enjoyed seeing the sights of Perth and crossing the Forth Bridge was very special towards the end of the day.  Another 62 miles banked!

Day 7

I skirted around the edge of Edinburgh and slowly through gorgeous countryside and parks and then things really slowed up.  I was pushing through past wind farm after wind farm on exposed roads and a closed bridge over the river Clyde was not what I needed! The absolute highlight was meeting Fiona, Bruce and Sandy along the way, they lifted my spirits no end and gave me the boost I needed for the rest of the day. The Scottish treats they kindly brought were much appreciated and caramel wafers fit perfectly in my cycling jersey for energy snacks!

Day 8

The sun stated shining and I felt good this morning and enjoyed cycling on a road at a normal pace. I passed through Lockerbie and on to Gretna Green! I couldn’t believe that I was shortly going to cross the border into England - I had cycled through Scotland! I liked taking some time to be a tourist over lunch break at Gretna and have an ice cream before heading over the river and into Carlisle before ending in Penrith.

Day 9

I cycled through the beautiful Lake District on Monday. Trying to remind myself to take in the views whilst either peddling up or down! The legs are most definitely wanting a break now after over a week of back to back cycling. In the evening I had the absolute privilege and pleasure to meet Thomas and his amazing family! All the niggles of the day fell away as we swapped stories about our treatment similarities and differences as we were both diagnosed aged eight but in very different decades! Gave me a real boost for the next day (as did the cream cakes and sweets - thanks again!).

Day 10

I’m loosing track of days and where I am in the country now! Tuesday saw me on very different terrain following over 30 miles of canal tow paths past Preston and Wigan. The day was considerable flatter but the challenge came from the millage as took until after 7pm to complete the days 85miles.

Day 11

Nantwich to Worcester

The days and destinations are now starting to blur at the edges after I did a social media post wrongly saying I was in Garstang which was yesterday! I’m noticing the birdsong changing from cuckoos to wood pidgeons as I’m now cycling through more towns and villages, some with coronation celebrations still on display. A long and hot.

Day 12

Worcester to Clevedon

I may be smiling but this was a dig deep 90mile, hot and seemingly endless day!  Little by little I peddled along miles of canal tow paths, through gates, towns, overcame detours and road closures in the heat and feeling exhausted. I’m starting not to know what creaks and groans are my body v the bike! Seeing the Severn Bridge and Wales in the distance was a highlight along with appreciated all the beauty of nature along the way. 

Day 13

Clevedon to Crediton

Missing my daughters today who have their sports day, which I have never missed, but hope that I’m being a positive role model for sport to them.  I woke full of energy and ready for the day ahead which saw me cross into Devon! The signs of another county were everywhere from the Thatchers cider factory to lush green rolling hills.

Day 14

Crediton to Fowey

I knew that Devon and Cornwall would give the gift of hill climbing like nowhere else in the UK but the reality of cycling through it was much tougher and especially in the relentless heat and into the sunshine for the whole day. Today was incredibly hard, physically and emotionally.  I crossed into Cornwall, but immediately had to climb for 4 long miles so the milestone was bitter sweet! Bank holiday and half term traffic slowed what was already a slow morning but I knew my family were also part of it to join me and seeing them was the highlight, I was powered by their love and hugs for the rest of the day.

Day 15

Fowey to LAND’S END!!!

I woke thinking that I was done, tired, blisters on the soles of my feet and just spent. Nonetheless I went through my normal morning routine of sorting kit, eating porridge, stashing copious amounts of snacks in my jersey pockets, slapping on suncream and headed off for what would be my last day! I still didn’t really think about finishing, only getting morning break, and then lunch, and then possibly Land’s End! 69 miles and 5000feet of climbing wasn’t an easy end of riding to end on but the excitement from my family was infections and I soon had a smile on my face as I cycled slowly forwards.  Seeing St Michael’s Mount was special (and a bonus that it was on a rare flat section of the route!) my husband and girls waved and shouted encouragingly and late afternoon I could see no more land, just sea and I arrived at Land’s End! It was an incredible end to an incredible journey! 1007 miles in two weeks! I’ve been so fortunate to have been able to do this and whilst it was me peddling away it was a team effort; from my Dad doing the best support crew role ever, messages of support from far and wide and to meet some amazing families through the AAT, memories to last a lifetime!