Fabulous day, wonderful location, excellent company - a superb fundraising event!

This is just one quote from a happy walker, there are lots more.

We were blessed with lots of sunshine on Saturday, 21 September 2019, when crowds of our supporters gathered outside the super-welcoming award-winning Yorkshire Bridge Inn, in preparation for our annual walk.

Over 100 walkers came - newly diagnosed patients, families who've lost a loved one to aplastic anaemia or individuals who've been successfully treated, joining us even from Scotland and adding a certain "je ne sais quoi" to the successful and enjoyable event.

The stunning scenery is really unparalleled in its sheer beauty but also remarkable history. The walk took us around Ladybower reservoir. It was here that the brave crews of 617 Squadron trained in their specially adapted Lancaster bombers for their epic raid on the Ruhr dams in May 1943. Remember the Dambusters movie? It was filmed here, in the Upper Derwent Valley.

The enthusiastic and generous supporters raised over £7,000 contributing over 40% of our full year's commitment towards the development of UK's first paediatric bone marrow failure registry and bio-bank, led by the experts at Great Ormond Street Hospital, London.

But let's allow the photos, taken by our talented volunteer Pat and other walkers, tell the story and we hope that these beautiful images will tempt you to join us next year, Saturday, 19th September 2020 and support our work towards saving the lives of aplastic anaemia sufferers. Please put the date in your diary!