Why do it?

My name is Lindsey. 11 years ago, I very nearly lost one of my best friends in the whole world to an aggressive, insidious, but shamefully little-known disease called Aplastic Anaemia. You’d be forgiven for mistaking Aplastic Anaemia for just another form of anaemia, which unfortunately couldn’t be further from the truth.

It’s basically a complete bone marrow failure, and in severe cases, as in Laura’s, it can very easily be fatal. At the moment, she is facing an extremely risky bone marrow transplant, which as usual she is approaching with her signature ballsy good humour. She is THE BRAVEST, most positive human being I have ever had the privilege to meet, and she is in every sense my absolute hero. Despite years of being in and out of hospital, various treatments, and ENDLESS appointments, she has still managed to live a very normal life, and has even managed to produce the most incredible two children who are the absolute love of her life.

I want to give her the world, but instead I’ve decided to shave my head to try and raise some much needed cash to donate to the Aplastic Anaemia Trust. They’re so under funded! 

Thank you so much Lindsey for the brave deed and raising so much money for our small charity!

And here is the moment 

Laura has a go like a pro

Lindsey is a true champion. We’ve known each other for 14 years and she is the MOST thoughtful and selfless person  I know and I am truly honoured to have her in my life, fighting my corner and keeping me sane. Her heart and soul are of the purest! I keep having a little happy cry because she’s blown me away! I am extremely proud of her