The story

Louis decided to raise money for his friend Jerome, who was diagnosed with aplastic anaemia in March 2018. Jerome is undergoing treatment at the moment and may well have to undergo a bone marrow transplant.

The event

Apparently, rounders entails lots of running, shouting, batting, more running, and lots of laughter! The event in Hyde Park was huge fun and enjoyed a great turnout of many of Jerome's colleagues and friends.

A massive thank you to everyone who attended the rounders charity evening and to all who donated via the Just Giving page. The turnout was immense, which made for a very enjoyable evening.

Grazina Berry, our charity CEO said:

I've never experienced rounders quite like this and what a fun way to spread the word about the good cause and our work to eradicate aplastic anaemia. Thank you Louis and Jerome for making the event happen!