Chair: Lily Pope

Meeting Secretary: Callum Tempest

Attendees: Ella Bearpark, Harry Branthwaite, Sophie Byrom, Elin Davies, Ashleigh Kennedy, Lily Pope, Benjamin Stephenson, Callum Tempest, Henry Andrew Hamilton Young.

What was discussed?

Film Project

Developing the comms proposal suggested at the first meeting, there were some exciting updates regarding the AAT Youth Film project. Our Communications and Fundraising Manager, Ellie Dawes, has been liaising with production company Fully Focussed, which specialises in producing content with young people. The company will offer advice on aspects of storytelling, filming and editing to all successful applicants on the project. Fully Focused will also ensure the final clips feel consistent, whilst retaining their individuality.

The application process will launch this week and we will welcome submissions from those who have experienced aplastic anaemia personally, or as a relative or friend. It will consist of four sections: details of experience with aplastic anaemia, vision for video (the idea does not need to be fully formed at this stage), support and equipment required, and the feelings the video is meant to evoke in a viewer. Fully Focused will be involved in selecting the best applications, to keep the process impartial if any board members decide to make a submission.

Apply for the film project here

Discussion was had around the importance of promoting the content created as far and wide as possible. It was decided that the film project will run as a pilot for perhaps future schemes, where a bigger budget may allow the AAT to use paid promotion on social media, the internet and TV to raise as much awareness for Aplastic Anaemia as possible.

Further to this, there was consideration to how we may promote the films via specialist nurses, or specialist departments, within hospitals themselves. This would be to ensure those who are recently diagnosed or already going through treatment with AA would be able to access the content and ultimately feel less alone in their experience. It was agreed that once the videos are created, plans would be made to make sure the distribution of the content addressed these concerns.

Plans for Fundraising in 2022

Other exciting fundraising ideas were raised by the board, which would be scheduled for the end of this year and on into 2022. Some of the ideas presented were:

- Several co-ordinated Christmas parties around the UK, where a joint raffle would be held during the event to raise money for the AAT.

- A murder mystery night for those between the ages of 16-25 suffering/suffered with AA, or associated to someone suffering/suffered with AA. This would provide an opportunity to socialise among people with similar experiences and enjoy a good amount of organised fun.

- To have a secured charity place for the AAT in races such as the London Marathon and Tough Mudder events.

Other areas of business

It was highlighted by a board member that we had yet to vocalise to the group our ideas for one of the questions we answered when applying to the board. We had to explain "One thing we'd change for aplastic anaemia patients."

Ashleigh generously provided an explanation of her answer, which was a desire to have more specialist nurses trained and specifically dedicated to aplastic anaemia patients. The board agreed that they had experienced many issues regarding lack of awareness of the condition whilst undergoing treatment, and how isolating and helpless that made them feel. Leena explained that there was a AAT project specifically addressing this, however due to the Coronavirus pandemic it had to be put on hold due to lack of NHS resources.

Next meeting’s agenda

- The board agreed some items for the next meeting’s agenda, namely:

- Discussion surrounding Hannah’s response to fundraising suggestions.

- Planning a social event for young people at Christmas.

- ‘Presenting our ideas’: Ben and Callum agreed to present their answers to application question.

Next Meeting Details

- Date: 6 October 2021

- Time: 18:30

- Chair: Elin Davies

- Secretary: Ashleigh Kennedy

This meeting report has been written by Lily Pope (Chair)