AA Voices film project - from The Aplastic Anaemia Trust and Fully Focussed Productions

“People hear the word anaemia and they assume...”

“My friends didn’t really understand why I...”

“I wish someone had told me...”

Aplastic anaemia is an ultra-rare condition, and young people affected don’t often see their voices and views represented. We’re inviting young people affected by aplastic anaemia to work with us and Fully Focussed Productions during October 2021, to create your own short films.

The Aplastic Anaemia Trust will publish the finished films to ensure that young people who are diagnosed in the future, or the young people around them, can discover voices and stories on our website that resonate with them.

The young people who take part will work directly with the professionals at Fully Focussed Productions, learning about effective storytelling, video production and film making through a series of online sessions. The professionals at Fully Focussed will help you plan your ideas, give you advice on shooting, and will support you with some final editing and graphics - to help your project to sing.


Why should I take part?

- You’ll receive professional support, working directly with a production company to learn more about storytelling through film and video and create something you will feel really proud of.
- Your film will be shared with other young people going through similar experiences, to help them understand that while AA is very rare, they are not alone.
- The project is a fun opportunity to connect with our charity and other young people affected by AA.

Who can take part?

To apply for this opportunity you need to:
1. Be aged 18-25
2. Have lived experience of aplastic anaemia. You may have or have had AA yourself, or have a friend or family member who has AA.
3. Have an interest in video storytelling. You don’t need loads of experience - but you’ve probably had a go at creating filmed content before, whether it’s for Tik Tok or YouTube or a school film project.

What kind of film will I produce?

The films you create don’t need to be adverts for The Aplastic Anaemia Trust. They don’t need to tell a comprehensive overview of aplastic anaemia. This project is about handing the mic to young people affected by aplastic anaemia to see what YOU want the world to know about your life and your personal experience.

You might dream of producing an illustrated beat poem, a day-in-the-life style documentary, or an in-depth interview. You might have some skills in animation that you fancy developing by making your own animated story!

Your idea needs to be something you can produce yourself, with the support and advice of the team at Fully Focussed. Commitment and enthusiasm are essential requirements!

Apply now

About you

Your ideas

Rough ideas, one idea, or lots of ideas are absolutely fine at this stage! You might have a clear vision for a short film, or you might have a specific story or message you’d like to get across but you’d like some help with how to do this effectively.