Our May 2022 Youth Board meeting was the first of our financial year, and we confirmed new member, Harry Clague. Callum Tempest was also confirmed as our Youth Board Chair, with Ella Bearpark as Support Lead and Henry Young as Support Lead. You can meet all our current Youth Board members here

Here's a summary of the meeting, from Callum.

An exciting ‘first’ meeting following the end of pilot review. Youth Board (YB) members were engaged and eager to share their views on the agenda items discussed. The revised structure was formally approved, heralding an exciting future for the group as it renews its focus on ensuring the views of young people are heard within our charity.

What have been key topics of discussion in Youth Board (YB) and Youth Forum (YF) meetings this quarter?

The first YF was a great success, providing support for young patients beyond the YB, fulfilling its very purpose. Sam [Williams from the AAT] was an excellent facilitator and the YB looks forward to future discussions.

The YB agrees the National Community Survey (NCS) is an important project for the charity and is excited to contribute to it.

The YB expressed an interest in collaborating with other charities supporting patients with illnesses related to aplastic anaemia
which will be explored in a future meeting.

Key decisions made and recommendations for the AAT Board and staff

  • Revised Terms of Reference were approved.
  • Explore the NCS as a method to engage with volunteers.
  • Continue to develop the social media presence (esp. Instagram) of the YB to promote its existence and the opportunity to join.
  • Invite particularly active younger fundraisers to join the YB.
  • Promote the YB and YF within any parent-focused support groups.

Are you happy with progress and levels of engagement on current Youth Board projects?

Yes. It was especially encouraging to see board members begin to generate their own agenda items for future meetings.

A message for our community

Last month’s first Youth Forum, a Youth Board initiative to broaden the support available for young people, was a great success. If you’d like to help shape the future of support for children and young people with aplastic anaemia, we’d love you to join us!

Come along to our next Youth Forum meeting on 23 June, where we'll be discussing what it's like to return to work or studies after treatment for aplastic anaemia.