At the beginning of February, we asked you to support us in raising £20,000, which we will use this year to uncover more detail about the response to Covid-19 vaccines in people with aplastic anaemia, and investigate new treatment options, that could offer hope to more people, and improve quality of life for patients and their families.

This was the second year of our Super Rare campaign, which aims to bring together people affected by aplastic anaemia to fundraise together - demonstrating that we are rare, but we are not alone. 

We have been absolutely blown away by how many of you decided to get involved:

  • 18 of you signed up to donate monthly – which means we have a fantastic £140 extra every month that will help us to provide support to people who need it.
  • 87 of you joined us on the 5th March for a walk. We had people walking up in Scotland right down to Cornwall!

  • 20 of you have signed up to our 2022 fundraising events - including several people already bracing themselves for our 2022 Santa Splash - this year taking place in England, Wales AND Scotland!

  • Over 30 of you have done your own fundraising throughout February and March. We’ve had people cycling, running, baking, shaving their heads, swimming, squatting and online gaming.

In total you’ve raised over £23,680. Incredible. Thank you so much. 

Raising awareness of aplastic anaemia is a big priority for our community. This year we took advantage of a charity deal to run a digital ad campaign across various UK news websites including The Guardian, to tell the general public about our work to fund Covid-19 vaccine research for people with rare bone marrow failure. Our advert achieved 1.9million impressions and was clicked by 918 people. Did you spot it?

We hope you enjoyed getting involved in the Super Rare campaign - a fantastic example of what we can achieve when our community comes together to help make a difference.