By fundraising during our Super Rare campaign you will be;

  • making sure newly diagnosed people have someone to talk to and feel supported
  • funding for research into the causes and/or to improve the treatment of aplastic anaemia
  • providing advice on how to access financial support - the cost of living crisis has seen a big increase in the number of people contacting us who are struggling with the financial impact of an aplastic anaemia diagnosis
  • creating new support, including groups for bereaved people, and for members of our community on watch and wait

As part of SUPER RARE 2023 people were walking, swimming, running and Bungee Jumping to raise money for us. 

What will you do?

Set your own challenge, hold a bake sale, host a quiz or join a walk and be there for someone with aplastic anaemia.

Feel part of a large and strong community and if you raise over £200 we’ll send you a super rare t-shirt.

Join one of our SUPER RARE events

They'll be events you can join like the SUPER RARE Walk. More details will be coming soon about how you can get involved. 

Super Rare – But not alone (