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This advice sheet is for young people who have a friend with aplastic anaemia.

If you’ve just found out your friend has this illness called aplastic anaemia, you might be feeling sad or shocked at the moment. Perhaps you are not sure about what to do or say, or how to help. The good news is that you can certainly help and support somebody with aplastic anaemia, often just by being there for them.

What’s in this advice sheet?

This advice sheet tells you what aplastic anaemia is, what it means for your friend, and how it might change your friendship.

It has been put together with the help of young people who have been through treatment for aplastic anaemia. They talk about their own experiences of friendships during that time, and what their friends did that was really good or helpful. They also talk about how difficult things were for them, so you can have a think about these things while keeping in touch with and helping your own friend.

You can view or download the advice sheet as a PDF here: 

My friend has Aplastic Anaemia (age group 12-16)

Or order it as a printed booklet here