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This advice sheet is for teenagers who have aplastic anaemia.

Finding out you have aplastic anaemia is difficult, and when you are a teenager this comes with its own set of challenges. You will be coming to terms with lots of changes to your lifestyle, your body and your friendships, at the same time as all the usual changes being a teenager brings. But being aware of these things and finding ways to deal with them can really help you as you go through treatment and recovery.

What’s in this advice sheet?

This advice sheet has been put together with the help of young people who have had aplastic anaemia during their teenage years. It looks at the different things that might affect you, like body changes, isolation and relationships, and gives you some top tips and ideas from young people who have been through what’s happening to you right now.

You can view or download the advice sheet as a PDF here: 

Having aplastic anaemia as a teenager

Or order it as a printed booklet here