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This factsheet is for young people who need to have a blood or platelet transfusion as part of their treatment for aplastic anaemia.

What are blood and platelet transfusions?

If you have aplastic anaemia, you might be given a blood or platelet transfusion to help make you feel better.

In aplastic anaemia, the bone marrow inside your bones doesn’t make enough of the different types of blood cells your body needs to keep you healthy. A transfusion is when blood from a volunteer donor is given to you. It’s a very safe thing to happen, and it can make you feel much better, so that you can live your life and do the things you love.

What’s in this factsheet?

This factsheet explains what happens when you have a blood or platelet transfusion and how it can help as part of your treatment.

You can view or download the factsheet as a PDF here: 

Blood and platelet transfusions (age group 12-16)

Or order it as a printed booklet here