Why this location?

John and Helen run the famous Yorkshire Bridge Inn, in the gorgeous Derwent Valley and have had a close connection to the Aplastic Anaemia Trust over the years. John was diagnosed with aplastic anaemia in December 2013 and had a successful bone marrow transplant a year later.

They have kindly and enthusiastically hosted our popular walk a number of times, looking after our walkers including their four-legged companions - keeping us entertained with a good old Yorkie sense of humour, serving up drinks to the thirsty and delicious food after the walk to the hungry. Thank you John and Helen for your generous hospitality during our most recent expedition!

John and Helen seen on the right, next to Professor Ted Gordon-Smith, the charity founder and Grazina Berry, charity CEO

The walk

Under the watchful yet cheery eye of Dave and Stuart, the Park Rangers, the walk took our 60+ strong group of supporters across the Ladybower Bridge, past the Derwent Damn Wall, the Derwent Dam West Tower and lots of other picturesque and well-known sights and nature trails - much to the delight of children and dogs, but perhaps less so to the local ducks. All - full of proud history and incredible views. The walkers enjoyed a welcoming coffee and cake stop at the Fairholmes Visitor Centre, served by the super-friendly Gina, a great supporter of our charity walk, before setting back to the Inn to claim a scrumptious pulled pork roll.

The picture gallery tells a story, enjoy!

Pat, our photographer on the day, did us truly proud. Thanks Pat!!

Helen with Dave one of the 'super-rangers' and her pooch

Our lovely young walkers

'tis a family and friends affair...

The views you don't see every day (unless you're a local of course!)

Till next time lovely people?!