Why this campaign is so important

Saturday 29th February is the International Rare Disease Day and a great opportunity to shout from the rooftops to raise awareness of aplastic anaemia (AA). Patients and families affected know only too well that being faced with AA is much rarer than a leap year or finding a four leaf clover.

For this year’s Rare Disease Day, starting on 14 February we’ll be launching our "Acutely Aware of Being Incredibly Rare" campaign and sharing rare AA moments across all of our social media channels. Please follow and share! 

Something new and rare that AA has brought to the patient's life, for better or worse, a new perspective gained or something that’s caught peoples’ attention. Something that, without AA people wouldn't have thought twice about doing or thinking. You can read the moments people have shared so far - here.

Patients with Aplastic Anaemia are really rare too – just 1-2 people in a million will be diagnosed with this illness in the UK, but the effects ripple out from each patient to their loved ones and then further out to everyone they know.

Throughout the campaign, we will be spreading these ripples widely so more people become aware of Aplastic Anaemia and don’t think it can be cured by eating liver and drinking stout, or taking iron tablets.

You can raise awareness while having fun!

Following right on from the Rare Disease Day and as we spring into Spring we’re launching our brand new AATea Party for Aplastic Anaemia Awareness Day on 4 March.

Are you a budding baker or handy in the kitchen? Perhaps craft is more your thing?

Now’s the time to start planning your AATea Party. Why not get your friends to bring along their favourite cakes and biscuits, or a dish for a dinner party, or host a bake sale or bake off at school or uni. It’s all to raise money for the AAT’s research fund so that together we can fund ground-breaking research into new treatments to fight AA.

You can download a poster to promote your event below, along with our virtual "AATea Party Bag" with recipe and fundraising ideas. Just click on the images to download.

Please get in touch if you'd like to order some leaflets promoting your events and balloons. Happy AATea Party-ing!