Supporting your child through aplastic anaemia - printed booklet

This advice sheet is for parents and carers of children and young people with aplastic anaemia.

When your child is diagnosed with aplastic anaemia, it is only natural that you will be scared and confused, as you are highly likely not to have heard about this illness before. It’s a huge learning curve for all the family, and as their parent, you are the primary source of support and care for your child. This advice sheet can help you to navigate your way through these huge changes for your family.

What’s in this advice sheet?

This advice sheet has been put together with the help of children and young people who have been through aplastic anaemia, and their families. Using their top tips and experiences, it talks about the different ways in which you can support your child through their diagnosis and treatment. This includes helping them to understand all the information given to them, managing changes to family life, supporting their general health and wellbeing, encouraging them to take medication, and looking after them by looking after yourself as well.

Download as a PDF

If you're just looking for a PDF of this advice sheet to download and read, you can find this here.