Coping with isolation (age group 17-25) - printed booklet

This advice sheet is for young adults who have to isolate because of their treatment for aplastic anaemia.

When you are being treated for aplastic anaemia, you may need to spend some time in isolation. This means that for a while you need to be protected from germs and will need to see and spend less time with people than usual. Many young adults have told us that spending time in isolation can feel like one of the biggest challenges when dealing with aplastic anaemia. However, there are things you can do to make it feel better.

What’s in this advice sheet?

This advice sheet has been put together with the help of young adults who have been through isolation because of their treatment for aplastic anaemia. Using their ideas and top tips, it talks about the different things you, your family and your friends can do to make isolation a bit easier for you.

Download as a PDF

If you're just looking for a PDF of this advice sheet to download and read, you can find this here.