Meeting Date and Time: 7 December 2021, 6.30 pm–7.30 pm 

Chair: Callum Tempest 

Meeting Secretary: Sophie Byrom 

Board Members: Harry Branthwaite, Sophie Byrom, Ashleigh Kennedy, Benjamin Stephenson, Callum Tempest 

AAT Staff: Ellie Dawes (Comms and Fundraising Manager) 

Apologies: Ella Bearpark, Elin Davies, Lily Pope 


What was discussed? 

Review of last month’s meeting 

The Youth Board reflected on what it had heard at its November meeting, with members noting how interesting the insights from Sam Williams’ presentation about community outreach and patient support had been. It was pleasing to hear that funding had been secured for some of the initiatives discussed at that meeting as part of the AAT’s Winter Wellness campaign. 


COVID-19 vaccine research update 

Ellie presented the headline results from the webinar the AAT hosted on 6 December 2021 (available here) about the response of aplastic anaemia and PNH patients to the COVID-19 vaccinations. (Read about the findings here.)   


Video project update 

Work on the video project that has been the subject of discussion in previous meetings continues, with participants in the project (including two members of the Youth Board) having now met with the production company Fully Focused on two occasions. These sessions examined the type of videos and content the participants want to produce, with a particular emphasis on the perspective of a young person facing aplastic anaemia. 

Ellie noted how proud she was proud of the participants for their honesty whilst sharing their experiences with each another. The project promises to offer an authentic voice that the Youth Board hopes other young patients with aplastic anaemia will benefit from. 


Update on rehabilitation project 

Youth Board member Ben had previously suggested offering some form of rehabilitation for patients whose physical health was weakened in the course of their illness or treatment. The AAT remains passionate about this project and is especially excited by the Youth Board’s involvement in it. Development continues whilst funding arrangements are finalised, with hopes that a service will be offered in partnership with another charity from the spring. 


Christmas get-together 

Several unforeseen circumstances meant that the planned Christmas get-together for Youth Board members has been postponed. It is hoped this can be rescheduled for a weekend in January. 


Next meeting 

The next meeting of the Youth Board will take place on 11 January 2022 at 6.30 pm. This will form the planned review of the six-month Youth Board pilot, and Ellie and Bridget will chair the meeting. 

In the review, members will be invited to share their experiences of the Youth Board so far, with a view to determine its future purpose and direction. 

Next Meeting: 11 January 2022 
Time: 6.30 pm