Whilst receiving treatment for aplastic anaemia you will need to make multiple trips to the hospital and may need a longer stay there, depending on your treatment plan.

To help you prepare for a longer stay in hospital, here are some practical tips:

  1. Look out for and attend any hospital pre-transplant or other treatment days that might be on offer. You'll learn more about the process, visit the wards, learn about the food you can eat and much more
  2. Get everything in order - for example your finances, who'll pick up your children from school if you're a sole carer, who will look after your pet
  3. Take time with family and friends - your visitors will be limited for a period
  4. Go away for a few days if possible and try and relax before going in
  5. Try and build up your fitness - this may not be possible but the fitter you are, the better and it will speed up your recovery
  6. Think about how you are going to pass the time in there - take your iPad, games, movies or some books
  7. Think about what items from home you will bring to make the room homelier
  8. Think about and prepare for what will happen once you're out - your activities will be limited for some time whilst you recover.