We all experience difficulties with sleep from time to time, but when you are living with aplastic anaemia, or a similar or related rare condition, sleep issues can become even more challenging. 

Watch the recording of our webinar, hosted by Clinical Psychologist, Catarina Baptista, to learn more about how you can learn to relax and improve your sleep routine.

About Catarina Baptista

Catarina has worked with the Aplastic Anaemia Trust since January 2023 and has delivered the Managing Stress and Living with Uncertainty Course which some of you may have attended.  Catarina has worked in health settings for the last 18 years and has vast experience in cancer care, fatigue and pain. 

Catarina works with people who have been psychologically and emotionally impacted by challenging conditions in group and individual settings.  She helps them to find meaning and purpose and live a life that serves them despite their diagnosis. Managing stress, anxiety, dealing with humour fluctuations, adapting to body and emotional changes are some of the areas of biggest investment.

The work she does is tailored and she gives a lot of value to the therapeutic dynamic and relation in the process of development and change.  

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