Event description

With growing uncertainty about the Coronavirus pandemic, people across the UK are being urged to receive their third doses, or booster doses of the Coronavirus vaccine to ensure that they are protected.

We know that for people with aplastic anaemia and PNH, this has been a worrying time as other studies focusing on blood cancers have shown that people with blood cancer often do not mount a sufficient immune response to the vaccine. 

Funded by Blood Cancer UK and The Aplastic Anaemia Trust, a team of researchers in Leeds, led by Professor Peter Hillmen have been working tirelessly to find out how well people with aplastic anaemia and PNH respond to the vaccine.

Join us on Monday 6th December at 6 pm, where we will be joined by Professor Hillmen and the team from Leeds, who will be sharing their latest findings, and what it means for people with aplastic anaemia and PNH.

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