If you're living with aplastic anaemia or another related condition and being supported by either of the charities listed below, whether you have it yourself or you're supporting a close family member, you may have experienced difficulty in navigating the complex benefits system.  This webinar is designed to help you understand the benefits which may be available to you. 

We are pleased to bring you this webinar by Atif Kaudri, who is a Benefits Expert and Lawyer. Atif has previously worked with the Aplastic Anaemia Trust in this field.

About Atif Kaudri

Atif currently works for Mind as a Lawyer. He is involved in strategic litigation to bring about changes in the substantive law and legal procedures for Mind’s beneficiaries i.e., people with mental health problems.

Atif has worked in the welfare rights field since 2005. Initially he volunteered at his local Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) while completing his Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Legal Skills from City University, London. From 2008 to 2014 he worked for various Macmillan CAB Welfare Benefits services while managing and providing casework services including tribunal representation. He was in a similar role since 2014 for 7 years for Maggie’s Oxford. He was also seconded to the Aplastic Anaemia Trust during his time at Maggie’s.


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