As a small charity we do a lot of wonderful things: we respond quickly to your needs, we put you in touch with other people like you, we inform and support you, and more! The one thing, unfortunately, we cannot do is purchase places in all the amazing running events local to you.

Our approach

What we’d like to do instead is encourage you to book your own place and run for us! We’ll cheer you on, help you set up an online fundraising page on our website and will send you a lovely T-shirt for free!

Once you have booked your run you can then create your own online sponsorship page here. Don't forget to let us know so that we can send you your free AAT T-shirt.

Very local running opportunities 

You may find something local to you by visiting the Run Through and Park Run UK websites.  

Now look around, find the run perfect for you, rally your friends, book your place,  and run, run, run!