Sepsis is a serious condition, and can be life-threatening if left untreated. For people with aplastic anaemia and other rare bone marrow failures, the disease itself, and the impact that the treatments have on the immune system mean that people with these conditions are at an increased risk of developing sepsis, and experiencing complications if it is left untreated.

Join us for an informative webinar, hosted in association with The UK Sepsis Trust, and learn more about the signs and symptoms of sepsis, and what to do if you feel concerned that something isn't right.

We know that is isn't always easy to speak up when you feel concerned about your health, and that sometimes healthcare professionals don't always fully understand the risk of sepsis in relation to aplastic anaemia. With the help of a volunteer from The UK Sepsis Trust, we will cover the signs and symptoms of sepsis and what this means for people with aplastic anaemia, and how to advocate for yourself and raise your concerns in a healthcare setting.

As this webinar will be hosted by a volunteer who is not from a clinical background, we will be unable to answer any medical, or treatment-related questions during this webinar. We recommend that you raise these questions with your own medical team, who will be best placed to help you.

At present, we have not confirmed the exact date and time for this webinar, however we will confirm this closer to the time.

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Sepsis: know your normal webinar

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