Introducing Ishbel

Hi, my name is Ishbel and I am an Area Manager with the Body Shop at Home and am used to raising funds for charities through my business.

In March this year, we found ourselves in the unthinkable position of having our beautiful daughter, aged 15, diagnosed with very severe Aplastic Anaemia. Her platelets had dropped to 4. She had ATG in May and has had a reasonably good response so far, but as you know, it’s a long and stressful journey.

The AAT has been a total lifeline to me and is always my “go to” place for information, support and understanding. I want to be able to help, even in a small way, by raising funds for the charity. I know that many people want to help do something for the charity, but are not sure how or what to do.

This is your opportunity to do a little bit which could all add up to a lot!

Body Shop at Home products contain Community Fair Trade ingredients, are 100% Cruelty Free in every way and recognised all over the world.  Body Shop at Home is part of The Body Shop, but a separate arm of the business. We are all self-employed business owners, working from home and earning commission.  My business is not related to the shops or the online website, but is still part of the Body Shop umbrella company.

Being involved will also help raise awareness of this rare life threatening disease and the work of the charity.

How can you be involved?

There are many ways to help the AAT with fundraising, but for the AAT Xmas campaign, I propose 3 ways you can get involved – you can choose 1 or all of these!

1. Hold a “virtual” / online party via a private Facebook event

Host a Body Shop at Home Fundraising Event with guests being in their own homes! This is how it works:

  • you set up an event for your Body Shop party on Facebook for an agreed time and date with me, making me a co-host
  • everything is done online
  • you invite your friends and family to the “party” and all they need to do is log on to the event and not even come to your house!
  • as a co-host, I can interact with the guests using an online catalogue, posts on products, offers, play interactive games and explain how to order and raise cash for the AAT
  • once all posts have been put on the event, the orders are placed to me via messenger or Whatsapp. Once I receive payment, I place the orders and have them sent direct to the party host for distribution. All orders are sorted out into bags for the guests.

These events are fun, easy and all you have to do is create the event on Facebook and ask people to join in – the more the merrier.

I will donate a percentage of the sales from the event to the AAT. To encourage people to hold parties, the Body Shop at Home provide incentives - £25 free shopping for total orders over £150 plus 70% off shopping when party total goes over £230.  The allowance of free products will be donated in cash, but you can keep it to use yourself if you prefer. You would get the benefit of the 70% off.

This is a "Win – Win" - for AAT and for you! You get to do your Christmas shopping and the AAT gets the benefit. I would be hoping to donate about 15% of my commission on the sales, which is more than half and even more if the sales were higher.

2. A raffle fundraiser

Introducing our Lucky Squares!  We can supply you with Lucky Squares sheets which feature 12 square boxes on each. These boxes are sold like a raffle at £2 per box.  Fill the sheet and you will have collected £24 cash.  £12 of that cash is donated to the AAT, a winner from each sheet is selected to receive a £12 gift from The Body Shop at Home. 

So, that’s £12 cash from each completed sheet – you just print off as many as you need. For this to be successful and practical for me to run, I would want people to commit to getting 2 sheets completed, otherwise, the postage of gifts would be too costly. The more sheets completed the better Eg. 10 sheets = £360 cash for the AAT.

3. Do your own Xmas shopping!

If you are not in a position to do either of the above, then if you place an order of over £40 via my private Facebook group – Ishbel’s Ethical Beauty Bargains, from the catalogue, I will donate my commission and send your order free of charge. It has to be an order of at least £40 to cover the cost of free delivery, which I would be picking up.

Please get in touch with me via [email protected]