The long-term follow up team and their psychology experts at Great Ormond Street Hospital, London have kindly agreed to share their mental wellbeing resources with our young aplastic anaemia patient community members and their families. They have come across these resources in their work with families and have found them to be helpful.

Supporting a child/young person’s understanding of COVID-19

Some useful links:

You may also find these resources useful:

Supporting your child’s coping: advice for parents

The coronavirus outbreak is a new experience for us all and some may be finding the situation stressful or worrying. The resources below provide some tips and information about supporting your child’s coping at this time.

Some useful links:

For parents of older children/teenagers:

  • Supporting your teen during Coronavirus from Mind
  • Supporting teens and young adults during the C-19 pandemic

Resources for young people to help them cope

The resources below are for children and young people to access, many of which have been specifically created to support children and young people at this time.

For older children and teenagers: