Luxury Aplastic Anaemia Trust Wedding Favours (minimum order 20)

Treat your guests with a beautiful scented candle in a little rose gold coloured tin, complete with a label made with wildflower paper that they can plant for a lovely reminder of your special day. 

Let us know your wedding colours or send us a picture of your other wedding stationary and we'll design your label to match your scheme. 

These lovely candles are made using rapeseed & coconut wax with vegan friendly scents. 

Each favour price includes a guaranteed over £1 donation to The Aplastic Anaemia Trust. 

Your design can include a link to your own special AAT Wedding page, where guests can read your story and support your wedding fundraising with their own gift, if you would like. 

Candle Scent options

Fruits Noir - holds an intoxicating aroma born from the pomegranate fruit, some of the delightful scent notes include Lime and Lemon zest, pomegranate, and plum.

Histoire  - the notes are reminiscent of days gone by, lost among the bound books, decadent halls, and creaking floors. This unisex scent includes notes like Grated Ginger, Dark Plum, Cinnamon, Honey, and Tobacco Leaf.

Road To Nowhere - encapsulate a heady unisex aroma that helps melt away your day with enigmatic tones of Bergamot, Tea and Mandarin, Ozone and Cassis

Beyond Paradise - the relaxing scent is as sweet as a warm summer's eve with notes consisting of Bergamot and Ozonic, Sweet Vanilla and Coconut.

Glass Slipper - sweet and floral scent it's a perfect aroma to elevate any home and ease you into relaxation containing notes like Bergamot, Apple Skin, Rose, and Sandalwood.

Designed and made to order

Please note that these are custom made wedding favours - we can only provide this product in orders of over 20. If you purchase fewer than 20 of these, we will contact you about a refund.

Please order at least one month in advance of your wedding to make sure we can get these made for you in time.

We will be in touch after you order to arrange design and to check the scent you would like. To discuss in advance, contact Hannah at [email protected] or call her on 07849691356.