Stuart passed away after being admitted to QEQM hospital in Margate after finding a rash, the day we returned from skiing. He was moved to Canterbury Hospital 2 weeks later after having a bone marrow biopsy, then 2 weeks later he was moved to Kings after being diagnosed with VSAA. His brother was a bone marrow match but sadly Stuart passed away as a result of some infections he had due to being neutropenic, only a few days before he was due to start a week of chemo ahead of his transplant. This has come as a huge shock to everyone as 8 weeks before we were skiing and he wasn’t ill.

Kings have asked if they can use some photos of Stuart for medical research into the infection he had from the AA, as it had not really been seen. They did their best to try to get a bone marrow transplant done very quickly but it wasn’t to be.

His funeral is on 26th April and we are asking people to donate to AA.

Hannah Mitchell