I was diagnosed with Aplastic Anaemia in May of 2010. Like most the population, I had never heard of the illness before, making it all the more daunting. I spent two years receiving intensive treatment and blood transfusions, spending a lot of time in hospital. This was hard for me, as I was an extremely active child. Thankfully, I had a partial response to the treatment and my blood counts rose steadily over the next couple of years.

By the time I had reached sixth form, my blood counts were all pretty much back to normal, apart from my platelets. A big part of my recovery was participating in regular sport, including football, tennis and cross country running. I represented West-Yorkshire at cross-country and spent several years in my school's cross country first team.

The Great North Run, is not only a chance to raise vital funds for the Aplastic Anaemia Trust, but also another challenge for me to complete. Since my diagnosis nine years ago, I now live a normal life. I have graduated from university with a degree in Politics and International Relations and now the future looks the bright. This would not have been possible without the treatment I received and the support I have received from the AAT!

Harry Clague