This year, The Aplastic Anaemia Trust have decided that we all need a little extra Christmas cheer. So we're organising a Secret Santa!

Whether you're stuck inside shielding, in treatment for aplastic anaemia, or working at a hospital and facing a grim Covid Christmas - this is your chance to do something nice and feel connected to our community.

How it works

1. If you'd like to be involved, fill in the form below and donate £3 to The Aplastic Anaemia Trust, before 21 November. 

2. After the 21 November, Penny will assign everyone on the list someone to buy a present for. She will email you the details of your assigned person.

3. You should post this person a gift before 17 December, so they receive it in time for Christmas. 

4. In return, you'll receive your own cheerful gift in the post!

To take part you need to be:

  • An adult (though you can request a gift for a child in your household if you wish, see below)
  • Able to receive post at a UK address (we're not going to make anyone pay any expensive overseas postage!)
  • Committed to sending a gift to the person you are assigned, whoever they might be. Please do not sign up if you will not post a gift! 

Scroll down to sign up!


How much should I spend on the gift?

We recommend £10-£15. If you can make something yourself that is worth a similar value then you are welcome to - and if you'd like to spend more that's entirely up to you! Please send a nice gift that will brighten someone's day.

Can children take part?

For child protection reasons, because we are sharing personal information, we ask that only adults sign up for Secret Santa. However, if you would like to ask to receive a child's gift, you can put this information in your "about me" section. 

Important data information

To take part, you will receive the name, postal address and "about me" description of one other member of our community. Your name, postal address and "about me" description will be shared with one other member. 

You agree when you sign up not to share this data with anyone else. You will keep it secret, and you should delete it after you have posted your gift. 

Other than the person assigned to post you a gift, your data will not be shared with anyone outside The Aplastic Anaemia Trust, and will be kept safe and secure. 

Will the person I send a gift to know who I am?

The person you are sending a gift to will not be told who you are. You can decide for yourself whether you would like to include a note and tell them anything about yourself, or keep your gift completely anonymous.

What if I sign up and am unable to send a gift?

Everyone's circumstances can change - so please don't worry if you need to cancel! Just drop an email to Penny at [email protected]. If it's before the draw, we'll just remove you from the list. If it's afterwards, we will help make sure everyone gets a gift. Please just let us know. 

What is the £3 donation for?

We're asking for a small donation to The Aplastic Anaemia Trust to take part, to ensure your commitment and to help us cover the very small admin cost of organising this festive gift swap. Hopefully our Secret Santa is popular and we will raise a little extra festive fundraising to support aplastic anaemia patients in 2022!

Booking for this event has now closed.