When I found out I was being admitted to hospital and also to the Teenage Cancer Trust Unit (TCTU) I felt relived as I knew it was different to being on the adult wards. I also knew that they allowed visitors on that unit even during Covid.

On the first day I arrived I felt as if I shouldn't be there at all because the other patients were younger than I was and because of the nature of the ward they all had cancer. They were asking me what type of cancer I had and I had to tell them that I didn't and in a way it made me feel bad because I felt my illness wasn't as bad as theirs was, when in reality it was just as bad but the treatment I was having wasn't as bad. 

During the time I was admitted, over the three weeks I was mostly the only female patient they had on the unit, I only had to share a bay with another patient for four days of my stay. She was in having chemo and once again I just felt like I shouldn't be there. After talking to the nurses about this they then reassured me and said that even though it's a cancer unit they still do have other haematology patients there too. The rest of my admission I was then in an isolated room therefore I didn't see any other patients. 

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the TCTU and the staff were all so friendly and welcoming. I was so grateful that I was allowed to be admitted onto that unit as I found it did help make my time in hospital better and more enjoyable if anything.

If I have to be admitted again for treatment, I hope to be able to go back onto that unit rather than the adult haematology wards. 

Hello, I’m Elin! I’m 25 years old, busy working as a nurse normally but very recently been diagnosed with very severe aplastic anaemia. 

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