We are very proud to announce that the recent Leeds Covid vaccination study, funded by The Aplastic Anaemia Trust, has been published today in The Lancet Haematology. 

As we announced in December, this study was conducted by the research team at Leeds and demonstrated that the Covid vaccinations are effective in patients with aplastic anaemia or PNH, provided they have at least a second dose. (You can read more about the results here.)

The Lancet Haematology is one of the most respected, high quality haematology journals, with a strong clinical focus and a remit to improve the lives of haematology patients worldwide. This means that the results that Professor Hillmen and the Leeds team provide will have a global audience and the data will be available to patients, scientists and clinicians to inform current practice and to provide a basis for further research.

We would like to thank The Aplastic Anaemia Trust for funding this research, and for the support throughout the process. We were very grateful that The AAT were able to act quickly to offer their support when this opportunity arose.

Dr Darren Newton, University of Leeds

See the study in The Lancet here

The Aplastic Anaemia Trust is proud to have funded this work, and grateful to the work done by the brilliant research team. This study provided our community with reassurance that they could be protected by the Covid vaccines, and emphasised the need to complete a course of vaccinations. This information had an immediate impact in the lives of the people we exist to support. 

The team are currently working on expanding this study, with additional funding from Blood Cancer UK, to look at other aspects of the immune response, including viral neutralisation and T cell responses. They have also had a request for this data to feed into a larger European aplastic anaemia study. We have more to learn, and more findings to come.