23 April 2018 saw an enthusiastic group of supporters meet at the James Black Centre at King's College Hospital. Long overdue, the meeting provided a perfect platform for people to discuss their stories of life with aplastic anaemia, grill clinical experts on the latest developments in the world of research and hear about all the exciting developments at the Aplastic Anaemia Trust.

Who came?

We had a great mix of 'well-seasoned' supporters of the Aplastic Anaemia Trust and some new patients undergoing treatment coming together. We enjoyed the company of Dr Shreyans Ghandi from King's College Hospital and Dr Sujith Samarasinghe from Great Ormond Street Hospital.

What ground did we cover?

Our clinical experts talked about clinical outcomes in the treatment of adult and child patients and the need for additional research to understand aplastic anaemia.

Grazina Berry, the CEO of Aplastic Anaemia, engaged supporters on all the happenings in our organisation and invited enthusiastic volunteers to work with us on a range of projects.

When shall we meet again?

Recognising that our Patient Support Group members hail from across the UK, we will be organising catch up meetings nationally. Our next one is in the making and likely to take place in the Midlands in July 2018. Look out for updates!