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This guide is for primary schools or early years' settings who have a child with aplastic anaemia in their care.

If one of the children you look after is diagnosed with aplastic anaemia, it's likely that you have never heard of the condition before. This guide will explain what aplastic anaemia is, how it is treated, and outline the ways in which you can support them with their education and their wellbeing.

What’s in this guide?

This comprehensive guide has been put together with the help of children and young people who have been through aplastic anaemia, and their families. It explains what aplastic anaemia is and what the treatment options are. It goes through the child's practical needs, physical needs and emotional needs, and will help you make a plan for how you can support the family in each of these key areas. 

The guide also includes advice about how you can explain the child's condition to other children, keep them feeling included during long absences, and increase awareness and understanding among your school community. 

You can view or download the advice sheet as a PDF here: 

Aplastic anaemia: a guide for primary schools and early years settings

Or order it as a printed booklet here