Supporting a very young child through aplastic anaemia - printed booklet

This guide is for parents and carers of very young children with aplastic anaemia.

If your very young child is diagnosed with aplastic anaemia, it is only natural that you will feel scared or confused. This guide is designed to provide you with information about everything from treatment options to packing your hospital bag.

The guide is packed full of advice and stories from families who have been through diagnosis and treatment for aplastic anaemia. They share what they wish they had been told, and what the experience felt like for them.

What’s in this advice sheet?

This comprehensive guide has been put together with the help of children and young people who have been through aplastic anaemia, and their families. It explains what aplastic anaemia is, what the treatment options are. It explores questions you might have about giving parental consent, preserving your child's fertility, and how to prepare for a hospital stay. There's also advice on how to talk to your child about their treatment, and how to help them take their medication. 

Your own wellbeing is very important, and this guide includes advice on how to look after yourself, bond with your child, and support other members of the family too - including your child's brothers or sisters.

Download as a PDF

If you're just looking for a PDF of this advice sheet to download and read, you can find this here.