Starry Night Meditation - to aid sleep

The Aplastic Anaemia Trust worked with Becky from Present Moment Meditation to produce this Meditation to aid sleep.

Many of the aplastic anaemia community have reported to us that worries or fatigue impact their sleep. This simple tool could help you to switch off and drift off - why not give it a go? Sleep can also be greatly improved by meditation. In 2010, over a quarter of the UK’s population reported problems with sleep. These problems included finding it hard to get to sleep, issues staying asleep or having a disturbed night’s sleep or even waking up early and being unable to get back to sleep. Because meditation makes you feel calmer and more relaxed we sleep better. The time of day that you meditate can be a factor in this as meditating before bed often helps people get to sleep.

Find out more about Becky and her practice at or follow her on Instagram @present_moment_meditation.

Meditation has many benefits to both health and well-being. Not all benefits will be felt at once and benefits will change over time. However with a regular meditation practice the individual can start to feel the benefits to mind, body and spirit.

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‘Meditation is safe and effective for most people and is an effective stress management tool. However, if you are under supervision by a mental health team or suffer from any of the following contraindications: Clinical Depression, Bipolar, Epilepsy or Schizophrenia, you should seek the advice of your GP before undertaking a meditation course or session’.